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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feeling sick...Arrghh!

So, Finally - Yippie - The invite to the summer swedish knitting symposium at Gotland is on its move. I sure hope my electronic submission works. How exiting! Also, I think I have got a flu. My nose is dripping and my belly is not cooperative. Maybe too many Semla's ! My OS knitting goes too slow, This will be difficult to reach! I'm still working on the pocket (that needs to be very tight, so I don't drip things out of it..) Otherwise I wonder if I will look like a Michelin-man (more bloated than normal) in my winter coat. Just feeling sick and sleepy. Any Knitting thoughts? no, I think about my friends. So, since I did not manage to send my report about BMC in to Sticka, I will show some here. Note that this knittings are copyright to Britt-Marie Christofferson. But I think that doesn't meen we can apprechiate her work.

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BertandFelix said...

Oh no...not the flu! I had it during New Years. Just stay home and bundle up.

I totally forgot about Semlars until you mentioned them. Yummy. Now I want one.