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Friday, February 03, 2006

Weekend! Moths and yarnbliss!

So, all days are not great, but I was awaken by an happy husband calling me (ok, I had a sleep-in today) and said that the bohus got its first review. A collegue had been sitting behind him - and admired the sweater -but when she saw it again today on him in the corridor she really told him how fantastic it looked. My husband waved like a maniack since I have been asking him every day if anyone commented - and said she was the first, and that guys never comments cloths, and she replied - never women either - if it is not something really special. So, a bit of swedish computergeek office inside. He luvs it anyway. And - He is fuzzy! And - yesterday I spotted a moth INSIDE my livingroom. (thank good not in the yarnroom). And I have knittings and fleece all over, and tons of wool blankets, wool carpets, knitted items and wollen coats. So, I chased around like a madwomen, and have not found any origin or where the heck the moth went. So it is still a tradegy or could be. I wish there was a SPRAY that I could just spray over the wool without it being destroyed. But there are no easy solutions. Ok. How much yarn do I have? 100 kg? (200 someting pounds?) I'm worried! Major. But then - I'm knitting away on my Latvian mitten in alpacka.. and it just wonderful. And now it is finally a weekend where I can have some hours rest - get some pictures and update my blog again.

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