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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm Back - ohhh wonderful blogging!

Dearest readers. Suddenly my laptop broke down. With all my wonderful pictures. Gone (to France! - interesting support there). I hope they can rescue it. So, panic struck, all was tied to "the other computer". I'm glad I'm geeky enough to have more computers, but some are like fortresses, so it had to be a more open laptop. So, after some days of panic, I'm back - and guess what I miss my wonderful computer - all tags, all favorits. Hmm.... Why! So bad news and good news. I got my Bohus - Skogsmörkret Finished. It has already been used - with very positive review from my dear. And - I digged right into my summer sweater - another UFO! So, it the pattern is really hard. But it was fun - Muscat, lightblue with a lot of purple, lilac and other blues... it is just great for the sailboat. So I'm contemplating a hood. Also great on a windy sailboat even if it is summer - it is cold - it is after al Sweden, and Sweden is a contry that has a part in the polar circle!! Ahh. Well, So - I missed to tell about my shopping shoppingspree at Nysta's januari sale. And it became expensive - Ohhh and soo nice. 30% on most lovely stuff, so I got myself a wonderful yarn - unpronounsable Aruncaunecauen.... well wool in lime (hmm) and one hank of blue. Of course I spotted it in the folder.... so I'm sold. But it turned out I bought chunky and the pattern is in DK, so, so it needs rework. But I didnt buy the pattern. THAT was not on sale, 190 SEK is baaad. I can buy more yarn fir that, and I was alone, with a fat wallet and the husband at the library... hehehe so I got som Noro Kochran....600 g... Definitely a shrug!.. and some brown alpacka....thin for latvian mittens (which I buy the way are working on - my new travel knit! It is tough with needles 1.75 and superthing yarn!). Well, Cannot wait until Saturday- to visit my neighbourgh's new yarnshop Maria's garn at Maria square in Stockholm. I figured out it will be Garnstudio at least. but that is what I know.
Pictures? Wrong computer! I see if I can rigg it up! Cherio!


sticka med mera said...

Sigrid, tack för svaret. Har Du hört ngt från Stickstämman? Jag fick svar att kanske i slutet av veckan så skulle vi få besked. Vi håller tummarna! Ulla

Garngamen said...

Har mailat igen. inte hört något.
Orolig..... hoppas verkligen på info snart./SIgrid