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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Snowstorm, and soon time for

Knitting of course! I look forward to a weekend of klicking needels. Of course I will do some wall-painting, washing up and all that cleaning stuff too... I tried to talk my lovely to take the broken car to Mariefred, because I would like to se Cornelias shop for real, but, snowstorm (big time!) and a car that sounds like well, not nice... maybe it will be a very local sofa weekend. Just knit! Or it might be just time to check out the local knitcafe's. Ahh, what a comfort with yarn. It is warm, creative, comforting and inspiering. The picture is a bohus designed - Blue Shimmer cap, not knitted by me, I guess it might be Karin Kahnlund, a well known Swedish designer (she poses with a sweater way below). Unfortunately I knit to get up of the sofa and look up the real patter designer, was it Baldini, or is this Mannerheim? I do not have them on top of my heads. But I still admire it beyond words.What I do not get is the PINK hysteria. Ok, pink is in, but a cool woman like me? I'm to old for pink. Orange, yes, wine is fine...well, I just keep looking at the pink ones and may I will knit a pink Bohus. Or I just go crazy and do my own colorcombination.

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