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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Grey Sunday - Knitting day!

Here, a blurry camera cosy. It is my eyes that is the problem..need'em glasses. So, I finally got my hubby's cold. And yesterday I was just buying some extra yarn from Ann (Ann-torps Väv) so I could continue with my Noro, Shinano (nr 3, and nr 1). Well, as always, temptation is a bummer, it also made me buy yarn for a little scarf just to test the new Noro Aurora together with Cash Iro in old rose colour. As you can see, I updated my list and moved it down, my progress-bar's died, so... That is a confession. I realised, this lists are STILL not complete...so, understand that my stash is big - no huge! I know I should link my FO's and WIP, but, I decided to have them on my own homepage, and that is still wrestling with me.Grmmzschbla! Now - back to knitting...Grey Sunday, with ice-cream (bad throat is a great excuse!) and a fast in-between knitting... Ah!


Cecilia said...

Endumen fattar inte vad bilden föreställer...

Garngamen said...

Endumen fattade inte vad endumen var fönåt... hihihihi... Cosy, dvs en litet skyddsfodral till kameran. Har en till ipoden, telefonen.... tar typ 40 minuter att sticka på tråkiga resor.... oerhört kul i reagarn, detta typ Kureyon. Gissa vad mycket fodral man kan sticka till alltmöjligt ;-)

Linda in Kalamazoo, Michigan USA said...

Hi Sigrid,
I found your blog on a DogPile search for Bergå yarn. I hope you can help with some information on some yarn I received from a friend today. She was at an estate auction for an elderly knitter/weaver and picked up 4 skeins of a beautiful wine red Bergå Ryagarn Nm 2/2. The weight is 3.5 oz,and it is 100% new wool but there is no listing as to how much yarn there is in each skein. I have tried to find the company on the intenet, but have not had any luck. In one of your blog entries from August, you mention that you are knitting a sweater on Bergå that was discontinued, so I thought maybe the company did not exist anymore. Is their a chance you might know how many yards/meters there might be in each hank?
Any help you or your friends in Sweden can provide would be greatly appreciated
Happy Knitting from across the big pond!!!

email: ljh@voyager.net

Marika said...

Hej, du får ursäkta, men nu är du taggad.

Garngamen said...

Hi Linda!
I got info for you. Bergå Exists, but it is all swedish, website: http://home.swipnet.se/berga/html/info.htm I'm sure you can email them and get a better answer!

Linda said...

Thanks so much Sigrid for your help. I will email the company and see if they can help.
Have you heard of the Yarn Harlot from Canada? She is hosting a knitting olympics durring the Olympics. I don't think she has any Swedish entries yet, and thought you might be interested.. http://yarnharlot.ca/blog/olympics2006.html
Thanks again