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Sunday, March 25, 2012

FO Riddari - My Knight!

Isn't he lovely! My Knight in shining armour - my Riddari (or Riddare as we say in Swedish). Finally a perfect fit. The darker "spots" are just the shadows, since I spent the entire Sunday finishing it, it is a bit late... Spring has arrived. But it is still rather cold outside - the daylight is back. This is a classic Lopi-sweater - in Lett-Lopi from Istex. And the white is 2-strands of Plötulopi. Very 100% wool. Very rewarding to knit. Not as soft as Plötulopi, using needles 3.5 mm (and 4). I am satisfied. I feel like my knitting is progressing. The birds are singing. The best time of the year. The entire summer in front of you!


StickLena =KnitLena said...

Bautasnygg tröja i både form o färg, är beredd att säga detsamma om mannen....

Gypsygirl said...

Beautiful!!! I am starting to really enjoy and appreciate colorwork!!!!

Froding said...

Long time no see..
Skulle vilja sticka Riddartröjan men hittar intw mönstret. Kan jag få jöpa ditt?
Med vänlig hälsning,/ Marianne Fröding Karlstad.