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Sunday, September 04, 2011

In progress: Årsringar and The Melon

Life has never been more hectic than now. And everything feels "In progress"... my thesis, the new and wonderful blue cashmere "Årsringar" and the wonderful melon that came from just pushing some left-over seeds in a pot. Never have I been so behind, never have a date been so set. This is the moment when you say - it will be another summer, it will be time to fix this and that later, and I MUST not defend my thesis in a favourite home-made sweater. Somehow I am also feeling a bit "blue"... I have never felt so old, that the end is near of life, universe and everything. No wonder I am procrastinating. I wish I just could slow things down a bit. The fall - so my veggies can grow, the hours of the day - so I have time for everything. But really, one must just see it as it is. Life has its cycles, and cease the day. I just want to say. take a deep breath - rejoice for what we have, and dream of the day, where our own grown melon can ripe and become a tasty moment before the frost, the thesis is in print, and Årsringar is proudly worn on this blog. Yes, yes - I was out sailing last week - a wonderful break with friends. We set a new record for a small boat in the gusty wind - we were surfing along with the winds on 8 knots... Which is almost above the possible limit for our 26.24 feet (8 meter) little sailboat. Time to go and harvest the one corn cob that seems finished (compared to the others!)

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lovely yummy woolly things here!