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Sunday, June 19, 2011

FO Gripsholm

The rain was really bad, and I was balancing on slippery slope in the garden. Anyhow, I am still happy having finished this beautiful cardigan. The stripes were so nice to knit and is very flattering. A fun knit, with many modifications. I already love it. And the colours...Definitely a bit tired after intense weeks, and it does not seem to end just jet. But rain is great for the vegetable garden... It has been a bit dry after all. Spinage, carrots, beetroot, mangold and radish are staples, but we also experimented with broad beans and corn this year, making the veggie garden look like a "tent". Our pests are of course mostly dear Bambi, who eats anything - and also has got a baby.. . Ok, it is a bit dry.. we needed that rain! The little cuties. It is heart-breaking to chase them away, but they can totally demolish all the roses, flowers and trees - and not to mention the veggie garden.


Anonymous said...

this looks great on you .....very flattering. I really like Noro kureyon,too and must look up this pattern. thanks, mary in cincinnati

Julie said...

what a beautiful, beautiful cardigan!! Looks gorgeous on you. I love deer!! so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Looking really great!!!