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Monday, April 25, 2011

Only 1 FO - Orange Mittens!

Reaching for the sky! These mittens are special in many ways. I did the cuffs long time ago (yes, they have glass beads) and angora edging. But they were a bit too big. So I added some Mojärv left-over yarn and the wonderful repeat pattern from Aino Parkli (Estonian master knitter from Tartu). But the actual mitten pattern and colour mix is my own. And I think they turned out great. A bit late for mittens, but they are fun and inspiring to knit - and my cold is really preventing me to be my best in the garden, sigh....Right now we have a red-ant battle on-going. It is really war! But otherwise it was a Happy Easter to us - and I hope to all of you! Thank you for your nice comments!


sanna said...

Vilka underbara vantar du stickar. Så härliga färger.

Julie said...

t5hose are awesome, awesome mitts!! love the fiery orange, great colour.