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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yet another Latvian mitten from Kurzeme and..

I got it bad for these mittens. It seems to be a mitten COM I am doing. This one the colours is inspired by the blanket behind. Yarn again Visjö from Östergötlands Ullspinnery. Love again.... I put the needle on the bottom since it curls, but this is actually the edge where you fold it and sew so you get a nice lace edge. The fun thing with these mittens is - this is still the cuff. The cuff patterns have NOTHING to do with the rest of the mitten - which at least saves some surprise moment for the final show. Getting a sneak peak of a knitting, is like the spoiler - for instance every time they announce the actual content of TV-show "The Big Bang Theory", the seconds before it comes on. I hate that. I want the surprise! Like the Faroese shawl in dark brown could definitely be called a "string". The pattern is Jóhanna. And it will really take some time. Once you finished the shawl, you have to knit it again - the white lining A faroese yarn needs faroese yarn - Snaeldan. The interesting part with this yarn is that it is a mix with Falkland wool. Interesting "Island" exchange. You see what I mean? A dark-brown "blob". To make my point - when writing this I just started on todays Cast on Mania, a mitten inspired by the Inspira "almost" corrugated rib. We will see where it goes. Again the Östergötland Ullspinnery yarn "Mörk Karamell" together with some Visjö. If it fits husband - it is his. Keep knitting!

PS! It is not very difficult to knit with two colours or fair-isle. It is the same as any two colours - you only need to follow the pattern . It is an adventure! And very much rewarding!

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