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Monday, August 30, 2010

A short update - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

No - this is not Ottawa, from where I write this post. This is a picture from Redang in Malaysia. ok, I forgot the camera, sigh. Today we were walking around the Pink Lake.. amazing place - 0 oxygen in at only 25 meters down. A weird colour (not pink!) And we saw tutles, snakes and frogs. I realize I love frogs. Anyhow - I have met great people, and had great food, but no - went the wrong way to find one yarnshop, and the other we passed when it was closed. Still one more chance though, so hope is not over... I have 45 minutes tomorrow. Except from very hectic work, knitting is so much planning right now. In September, the wonderful COM starts for real. (COM = Cast On Mania). Big plan is to start one new knit every day for the entire month. It will be a challenge. and then there is nothing like planning and matching yarn and projects and needles. I just LOVE it. So - you are in for a ride, I got at least some projects ready to go. And I sneak-started one. A very purple patterned knit. So - If you read this just now, that hopefully September will be a bit more intense postings..... Take care to you all (PS: it was almost 30 degrees warm today, and our dip at the "O'brian beach" was like a hot summer day... What a bliss!

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