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Friday, July 16, 2010

FO - Estonian Lace Sox, and some new!

I finished the Estonian Lace Socks, called "Fox faces" by Nancy Bush. Nice lace pattern, and wonderful Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. Knitting back and forth to work, but a great pattern in most aspects. Sorry for dark picture, it is not THAT dark? I guess my screen is newer ;-) Anyhow, the heat is still on. I am working hard on the dissertation. Life is going on. We have started to exercise, which feels VERY good. Every second day! 5 km, walking half, and then jogging) slow and walking in intervals back... We feel like new people. I can see this being addictive, but the knee is a bit sore.. Regardless, a new strength is there. Optimism.
The Cast on Mania is still "lingering" on a bit. I have casted on three knew knits. I guess it feels fun to knit fast cotton and silk T-shirts and shrugs. Or some left-over tape yarn like this...It is wonderful, Knitting away.....wonderful! Just wonderful. I hope you have a great time too.


Milly said...

The socks are lovely!

Bet365 said...

Great job here. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see more of this from you.