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Friday, May 21, 2010

FO- Sunkist

Or should I call it "Sun-kissed"? Or maybe it is "birds" or "doves", after the fab buttons I found (yes - I made them myself -years ago!) . This is such a great pattern, and after that fair-ilse, I had to have a quick knit to rest my hands.. so I do not get strained... I do feel the muscles in my hand, had a thing or to to tell me, after stretch knitting the second sleeve of the peony sweater IN ONE DAY! (Oh yes, also a fair-isle) No, this lovely pattern was perfect for the yarn I found in stash, Patagonia Nature Cotton, which has the beach colours for me. And in one week Sweden went from super cold to superspring hot - so it really works great with this little shrug. Ok, I could use both one and two hanks more, but I doubt the colourmix is still around. Anyhow, the fun part of this quick pattern - only four days of knitting (actually - could have gone faster If I did not weed the garden! - also the weeds "explode" now). PS! Thank you all for your nice comments on my Wedding cardigan!

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