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Sunday, February 21, 2010

FO- Freeform sweater - WIP Dance!

Finally the Free-form sweater is finished. I entered this at the "Ravelypics WIP Dance Event" The sweater has long been lurking, and with 60% to finish, it was a bit more work than anticipated, but it has been a fun ride. It is a little pocket there (black-patch in front). And of course I had to add a heart on the Valentines, a lot of weird twists and turns and some parts knitted in pieces, and added on. It all started with the long "filled with holes" lime green beltshaped thing, that swings around - and from where I built the sweater. I just LOVE it. This is REALLY true me, when I let go of conventions and express my inner fun. Of course It is super cold outside - and there are still a lot of small see through "holes" that might have some additions. And I am still contemplating doing a turtleneck (Swe: polo-krage). Being a bit behind on my OS-tracks, I need to get going with the rest. I am not sure if it is flattering, but it is fun! Of course not the same from front and back. One sleeve knit in a spiral. Yarn: Most it is Debbie Bliss Silk-Alpaca Aran, then there is three wonderfully thick and lush silk-alpaca from Catalina yarns (bought at the London Stitch and Knit show 2004). A tiny todd of a discontinued Noro yarn, that had "glitter" in it (here it mostly looks grey) but it sparkles in green! I am so happy I am finished. It was a lot of stitches putting it together, sohoho nice... to get done. This also concludes second sweater - February for the IntSweMoDo (International Sweater Month) the Do we are still discussing if it is the Simpson "Duh" or "Doit" or Done or Dodedacon (12) which I think was the original...Happy knitting....


heidi said...

du är bäst!!!!!!!!!!!

fan så snygg den är! och mössan är perfekt till!!!

jag älskar den!

Monica Hansen said...