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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cotton and PAPER yarn

Yes, Paper yarn is really in! I got the Noro Ganpi Abaka paper yarn, mostly for the colours, but the feel in a garment was not off in the store. When it is really hot, that is almost a linnen feel. Sturdy as any yarn, but knitting on 6mm needles, it becomes a bit to peekabo, so starting with the top part, I mixed it with the Eco-friendly Cotton from Huskroken in just the matching colour. And after a few rows, the paper yarn looks like a mess. But definitely a weird, but great feel to it. And, excellent with the cotton mix. Must find more cotton! Not that I lack cotton, my stash is weirdly full, but not in THAT wonderful blue colour. Decisions, should I mix with existing cotton, or go on a chase? No, not decided. But it is again too hot for any other (I mean WOOL) knitting. And the summer is at its prime. The cherries are great - dark and sweet, and the washingmachine seems to have troubles. C9, is its remark. I do like bugs ;-) the software kind (if I can do something about it!) but not this one, and definitely not last night when I chased a huge night butterfly out (I dear not say MOTH!) out of the yarn-room. That thing could have devaoured the entire cashmere stash by the size of it..... Ahhh, it is so knitting time. What to do with the Patagonia Nature cotton? Sunkist? Or a top? I love summer!


heidi said...

alla dessa beslut:)

ja, det är härligt med högsommar med alla dessa underbara sommarfrukter som smakar som bäst nu:)

klart att det var en fjäril - jag menar vilken mal skulle våga sig in i ditt garnrum:)

Anonymous said...

Härliga färger i pappersgarnet. Jag har inte en enda meter av det...


Milly said...

I have never heard of paper yarn, that sounds really interesting.

Carrie K said...

No moths!!

Paper yarn, what an idea! Does it wear well? As a garment? Because it sounds perfect for my weather.

Stickeri said...

Men hur tvättar man pappersgarn? Eller gör man inte det...? Korkad fråga kanske.
Det ser väldigt läckert ut i alla fall.