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Friday, April 17, 2009

Yarn from downunder (it is a pun!)

A "story" from Australia is called a "yarn"... well noone got that I guess...? Wxcept the aussies themselves. Did I show the wonderful Karema from Naturally Hand Knit? Possum yarn with Merino...yummy. I have knitted sleeves and body. The body was frogged once, but is done again (now in Cardi-form with steak). And I admit, I have frogged the yoke twice (trice?) but now last time in its entirety. So instead of a FO - you have to see more the raw material...I thought I was done, but tried it on and No - absolutely not. No Islandic sweater yoke for this. Not enough yarn. They talk about swatching - but my own design under the influence of vacation is more a "swatch" sweater. I love just knitting on. So I frogged it AGAIN and am now knitting with body seperate (steeking) and then will sew on sleeves. Hmm. Having now been back a week in Sweden - I can still yearn for the wonderful vacation and the great memories. Thank you all for the nice comments. It has been a dream vacation. Really. I think the picture of the view from a hill over Arnhem land - this is Ubirr in the northen Kakadu. I mean - the colours. They are unbelievable. As it was hot. I just love this view - of course after a climb in the heat. But what a place. It was swarming with dragon flies, and just a few more degrees and I would have said elves. So the 10 ply 30% possum yarn with Merino - also from Naturally hand knit was such I treat to find. The plan is to share it. Colours like autumn. Wonderful!! And I have no plan at all what to do with it. Fill up that stash - I have had this strange thinking of Poncho - I have actually not knitted one. Maybe just a large shawl... it was a long time ago. Hmm.. it will probably be a sweater.... or a slipover. ..
Ahhh. so nice. soft yummy yarn. A great way to start the weekend. Mmmm.. Still Jetlag?


HPNY Knits said...

I love how the yarn is the same colors of the landscape! wonderful find!

Mary, Mary... said...

Take melatonin for jetlag--that's my cure. I'm so happy you had a great trip.Ocean, yarn, curry, what more do you you need? I was in Australia...14 years ago? Welcome home!