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Friday, April 10, 2009

Oz memories

Proof of the crochet top! Sexy and cool! Maybe some sleeves to be added. Cotolin yarn (cotton, linen) from Mondial and with a thin thread of red silk as accent. My silhouette is not the best after enjoying too much Curry Laksa. See how we enjoy this wonderful dish, a Malaysian soup with thick and thin noodles, bean sprouts, veggies and with added extra something.. here below- we enjoy the squid, octopus and seafood. It is Chili strong - and just a lot of coconut milk in it. Good? Aahhh heaven. I cannot understand why there is NONE to buy in the entire Sweden. This would for sure be a hit resturant. Hey - I should import a good chef and go for it myself... nah, in another life. But if you are out of a job - this is a sure hit if you are willing to work for it. (BTW, it was hard finding any in the US as well - so!) Anyhow, picture taken in the only rain out of three weeks. We narrowly escaped all flooding, both in Coffs Harbour where the entire town was under water(and where we had stopped for lunch just the day before for a Laksa) and in Noosa Heads (which was just next to Coolum). Anyhow a rainy day is great for knitting, so I finished my pair of Nutkin socks.. Just need to fasten the threads... pic's soon (and you will be flooded this easter weekend)..
Of course rain on the beach was no fun, so we went to Brisbane and had a fantastic Japanese dinner out with our dear friends. They had not changed a bit - and was planning for moving to Byron Bay and build a house. We are sure to return for a visit in the dry season. You can see me knitting on their wonderful garden porch. There is no way to describe their wonderful garden. Here you see pineapple, and two wonderfully large mango trees (oh yes - it bears a LOT of fruit, not just this year), olive trees, kafferlime, and a series herbs like lemongrass, with all the local varieties like Grevilla tree etc. I was just blown away. of the fragrance and wonder. Think about having the Asian kitchen herbs in your back yard, what a treat! All planted with care in a estethic way. Wow. And when knitting there we of course saw Flying foxes (bats) and parakites, and a series of birds I do not know the name of. How exotic. Of course in the heat - about 33 celcious or something, humid and lush. Well, we had rainforest walks, collected a wild Hoya, and took pictures of this wonderful Banksia in bloom.
I must say, this has been a wonderful trip. And it feels so good to be home in Sweden. In 6 degrees celsious (brr - we are so cold, and I'm happy I'm knitting warm sweaters.) Just had to show you that Great Ocean Road picture again (now when we downloaded and seen it all). It is just fab. The pictures are so unreal. It is hard to believe we were just standing there and enjoying this wonderful view.
What a dream vacation. I must say - this will stay with me for a long time. It has been so fantastic. Really. Absolutely wonderful.
Today we woke up 4 in the morning ,jetlagged,,.. and now we must rush to fix the sailing "yacht". before it is time to welcome it to Swedish spring and summertimes. The light in Sweden is incredible. Cold, but wonderful birdsong reminds me that Sweden is also fantastic. I think we tend to forget what is beautiful just around the corner where we live. But change is good. Vacation we need.


heidi said...

vilken snygg topp! tänka sig att du virkat den, det är verkligen inget man gör på en kväll... och resultatet är verkligen läckert!

det är som alltid roligt att läsa om dina resor:)

angela said...

What a beautiful and warm place. Thank you for all the good pictures...we are living vicariously this year.

sue/gypsygirl said...

WOW! love the top! it is Very Cute!!!

The vacation sounds heavenly!