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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Much better Pictures from My Artistic Brother!

I guess the net swallowed this beautiful pictures, so it took a while to get them up..... But they are so fantastic, and so is my dear Brother, don't you think? Presenting The Famous Artist Johan Mauritzson. He is displaying the knitted gifts and the Lopi sweater. The hat (with his special (and copied!!) initial JM) and the hat have earflaps you can wear down (looking like a dog)- or actually you can attach them on the nob in the top (ear up!)...(PS: this pattern will be available). Hi kindly shows off the Half-gloves that he got as a christmas present to wear in his cold house while painting and sculpturing. All the pictures behind him is his work. I mean - look again, he is rather remarkable. I mean - one goes speachless - this is a work of an artist. Thank you textile arist Christina Oscarsson for taking the pictures (I assume that is what happend!?)Christina is modest of course, but has not only gone through the tough Handarbetets Vänners School, but is working with her weaving, and knitted objects..in hard competition. Well again- Congratulation dear Johan on your 50th birthday. May you have many great years in front of you...! And share the fantastic paintings with us mortals.
Love those glasses.. Mmm... That is what the boring glass manufacturers should use. Hire an expert artist like my brother. We would all laugh in the sun. Up north of Sweden - now very much covered in snow - it is a must not to go snow-blind....(when the sun is out - which is still a very short period!) PS. If you want to see more of the art Im sure it is for sale ;-)


gail said...

What a charming brother! With beautiful handkknits!

sue in virginia said...

Ok, THAT is NOT orange!!! :) Love the pics and the color!! Did you notice he sort of matches his wall! :) Sweater looks great!

Mary, Mary... said...

This gives me great hope that 50 is a truly glorious age. I have The Eclectic Sole and have been dying to cast on after I finish a few things. Love the sock and your brother's prezzies.