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Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation is no vacation!

OK! Im here. Busy. Raining. Hubby and dad-in-Law have teared down the rest of the kitchen. Mum- in-law have helped me ironing a big stack of inherited tablecloths... and also scraped most of the kitchen sofa. Myself have been project-leader for 2 bedroom (Correction: BATHROOMS, I must be tired!) "complete" selection, measuring and ordering. Exhausted hubby and I escaped on the sailboat. 11 hours sleep. Finished Slippery socks. But forgot camera. We got caught in the rain back. Drenched. Otherwise. Life is great on the one week vacation. Pictures...yeah.. socks will be tomorrow.


HPNY Knits said...

I love home improvement projects! how fun!

Anonymous said...

It is just so cool that I have been in your kitchen and know exactly what that is a picture of!!! Hee! OK, sorry, you have every right to be exhausted, poor thing! Isn't the boat the best for catching up on sleep...I did that this weekend, too!