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Friday, June 13, 2008

FO- Clover - Juni Socks

Finished with the Clover socks for June entry in StickaMera Sockklubb (Swedish KAL).. Feels good, fun long cuff, and great yarn: Cotton Wool from Gepard. 50% cotton and 50% merino wool. A fab pattern. And - I do have a bought sock with the similar lace pattern... but still, very enjoyable. And - I challenged myself. I have done these in a week. But it feels so good. I think I could have made them just a bit wider in the cuff (that is what extra weight means for your legs).. and I could have made them tighter around the wrist... I just GOT to trust my instincts next time. But still, I have a good feeling about them. Now I only need to finish the april socks, and Im back on track. But I long for finishing my sweaters. Also, I need to prepare a long and difficult knit for my US travel. But there are weeks until then. And still much work to do. But this was at least a bit "ahead" of my usual week posting. I learned somthing with this picture. Front sock should be a bit back - so you see two fronts instead of two heels..... Life - and knitting - is a learning adventure.


Sue (in Virginia) said...

beautiful, but how do you have the time to work and knit so much??? you must be very fast!! I LOVE the pattern tho....very pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice socks!!! I really love the color, too.

Anonymous said...

I like the lace detail.
I agree life and knitting can be an advanture. It is more fun to challenge one's self and try new things. Even it if things don't work out, I always believe you are richer for trying.