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Monday, December 15, 2008

Lopi-nr 3 Progress... and the SUN!

I saw the sun today. I had to take a break from my reserach paper writing to snap a shot of the frosting garden, and have a look at the sun hanging over the horizon. I was many weeks since I saw it, and it makes me long for other parts of the world. Now - this is Midday (just past 12 in the noon) when the sun is at is highest.... so yes, not far up north it is no sun. Im happy, my dear brother will emergy from the black north of Sweden and pay me a visit. Well, is not really "sis" who is the magnet, it is Mats and Morgan - a band beyond description of genius. No, not the mainstream music, but for the very advanced, intelligent music experts (they play at Fashing - a jazz/boheme place in Stockholm). Yeah, I think I would like to go to, osmosis you know. Anyhow, that made me panic-knit my second...hmm christmas-present last night. I sure miss him. The artist from the north. They have a meter snow (to the waist!), so Im told. Anyhow, knitting goes particular slow, too much work to be finished before Christmas. But Im getting there. Just need to try and meet my Lopi supplier, Halla. Anyhow This is the Third Lopi progress. I have knitted a sleeve, and the beginning of the body, past the first decoration. Im now in limbo if I should put in pockets, of if it just is too bulky! Well. we will see! Take care out there... do not push in crowds - Be there - the best present you can give your loved ones! Well, lunch break over, now it is back to paperwriting. Kudos to you too! And I DO LOVE COMMENTS ;-)


heidi said...

Man riktigt känner frosten när man tittar på vinterträdgården:)

Tröjan ser fin ut. men det där med fickor låter som ett inte helt enkelt problem. det kan bli jättefint, men som du skriver så finns risken att det blir lite väl tjockt...

men varför inte prova och se hur det blir? det är nog enda sättet:)

BertandFelix said...

You shouldn't have a problem with finishing the sweater...ach...you have lots of time. :)

I say this while I am frantically knitting myself. Why do we do this to ourselves at Christmas time? Deep down, I think I enjoy it...it is a Christmas tradition.

Milly said...

The sleeve looks excellent. Good luck on your paper! Christmas will be here soon and you can have a proper break!

Warm thoughts coming your way! No snow here again this year, it is 50 degrees Farenheit.