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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Indi-Top in Pink-October!

Started in India, a cool summer-top in Cotton, silk (Rowan summer tweed) and Giotto from Colinette. All bought on SALE in Garnverket (both the Stockholm and Linköping shop!) Of course it is PINK in honour of breast-cancer awareness month! And - no, I did not succeed to finish it. Maybe because there was ton's of distractions ;-) and.... Im still (!) working on the oak-leaf socks. They were for some reason slow. But this got knitted toghether on the plane rides. Im back home. And my two bathrooms are done. Just fab, so I have been taking a hot sauna-steamer, bubbled the jacuzzi-bath and just enjoyed the luxury needed when swapping from a not so clean 33 celius (New Dehli) to a fall-storm Stockholm of around 8 celcius. Frost expected this week. I guess this goes in the stash for next vacation in heat - plane-ride (and yes, the needles past a very close uptight inspection in Frankfurt) or next summer. Back to the socks... It is Socktober you know.

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