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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FO- Julsjal - It is winter again! Huh?

Finally I finished my Christmas Calender Shawl. It is Johanna's little christmas booklet, that had you tear open a page at the time with a new pattern every day. Started to the Christmas 2006, and finally I mustered up energy to finish it. I felt it was going to be spring... so I really thought it was bad, but what do you know, not only do I have a really bad cold (caught on the way home from Gran Canaria) that my poor father-in-law is also suffering from! But it is Winter again, so this Drops Alpaca 3 skein shawl can be used immediately. Still not washed, but displayed in the snow which cover the current snowy landscape. Well, I like Johanna, but the pattern were a bit cumbersome written. Could be much more.
This is just hysterical spring weather, with snow one minute and sun the next. It will melt, but this particular winter has been bare. I would not call it green, but really dark and greay. Now it is light outside. White and Cold!Unfortunately, the grand plan of cleaning up the garden in Easter seems to change into a knitting period. And get well. The origin is that someone put broth made of shrimpshells in the sauce of the GC favourite resturant. I god slowly poisened- and I mistook it as sun allergy... Of course the immune system has been busy- reacting to everything, and my hole body swollen and itchy. Lightbulb moment the other day when I realized that some allergy pills will do the trick. So, Im soo much better. Now it is just a really bad cold. Well, do not feel sorry for me, I do not. I have really been in the sofa, under some blanket and tapped away on the computer. Nice to have a little break and update the blog here. Well, since GC, I have also been on a healthy streak, freeking out on fruitdrinks. Banana, orange, melon and a stalk of celery. Some pomegranade seeds (granatäpple) to top it. Yum. No cold can survive that.

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Milly said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you are better soon.