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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weird existence - so OT but some knitting.

It is too late for the Swedish gnomes, and now they are gone. But the mittens are great on them. It fits with the winter storm (usually blizzards with snow and below freezing (0 C) now, a storm with a lot of wind and horizontal rain warm (5 to 8+ C)(for Sweden in January) not that we beat NY! Anyhow, work has a habit of piling up. Hubby ok again (Thanks) and all over creeps the winter-barfing virus. Im on my way to Marseille (see how this goes), more work all weekend, but definitely a friday nite at a hotel with my knitting. Decent girls do not go out in a sailor-town. Sorry - and pardon my french, but it is not as great as it was (huh, I know Im not funny - but constant Scrubs (Telly series) makes you weird!) I did half a row on the sub yesterday. But oh, Im so tired and I realize my time is not enough. So much work, so little time. Bought Knit simple! With a huge discussion trying to make patterns simple. Well, Im quite happy - when is the "knit complicated" coming out? Not today.
I would also like the magazing - Knit tired. (travesty of wired!) Im so tangled up! Ok, you get it? Too tired to blog. No blogging this weekend - just a short hold. Im here. And no time in Marseille for yarnshopping. Must plan holiday. Yarn-vulture hits US of A. Find me a pool. Fill it with yarn and swim. No, Im hallucinating now. I have enough. Time to hit the sack. (huh, not cool calm and collected at this blog). Knit the dreams. Dream the knits.

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HPNY Knits said...

get some sleep. it'll make you happy!