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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Windsor Park and Wild Apple start

The first knits of the Bohus Wild Apple a great knit. One long week in Windsor Park (well, not really, but Cumberland lodge)... for a great conference. Except - midweek the foot and mounth disease had a break-out in Egham (the nearest village) so suddenly we were stuck on the premises. Not the great walks among the deer in the park. But a free bar every week, and mid-through I started the apple... I just love that smooth yarn, and coming home to Sweden, the weather was just right to use it. So I better get knitting. But work, ohh, Im just soo stressed. But hubby is a jolly fellow, he made sure I would get my mind off and we went to the city for a walk and to buy him nice shirts. Why is all male shirts blue-striped or pink? Anyhow, he had checked them out and was happy when I choose the same! Anyhow an extra evening walk, a nap and now Im happy again.


gail said...

Oh, your bohus sweater is beautiful. I want to knit one--maybe I will purchase the yarn if I come to Sweden this summer. That would make a wonderful souvenir. However, I haven't even started the sweater for which I purchased yarn the last time I was in Sweden!!

Mary, Mary... said...

Honey, your passport must be in tatters! Thanks for the Shanghai yarn pic and the lovely bohus. BUT those dumplings...yum.

Britt-Marie said...

Så vackra färger på din stickning. Ska bli spännande att se hela stycket.