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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Knitting Books and more Speede

Remember us? Malabrigo - Noro Enterlac? That is so on the needles...WIP very WIP and I successfully joined the neck (with a sweaty hands- since I make up pattern as I go along).... But wow how fun this is. Anyhow, I have spent almost 1 hours surfing through Amazon's books. And totally flipped. There is no excuse. And I see a lot of rare things there- A knitting book from 1700+ UK POUNDS! I hope it was just wrongly entered, but anyhow! So, now Im 14 books richer (ha, there went the company bonus!) - no, I did not buy that! Among them: Starmore's British Isles sweaters... Sharon Millers Heirloom Knitting, and some other interesting stuff. I can REALLY recommend Britt-Marie Christofferssons - Swedish Sweaters. That is for the experienced knitter to bite on. I have it in Swedish, and here it is a rarity. In the process, I almost ordered books I already have! And today I found (in my self) Sheila McGregors Traditional Scandinavian Knitting, that I have earlier rejected as boring, with a new interest. For a weird reason (p.82) the Speede (which is a short for Späta = Sticka = Needle) is listed on Danish section, but hey, Southern Sweden (Skåne) where Speede comes from was also once Danish - so I guess the exchange was rich also back then (not only me going to Copenhagen to lust in yarnshopping). The same/similar style was also in IK Knits (called Nattetröjor)...Anyhow. I have been back at the Speede course today, trying to finish my sewing on my sweater (which is of course a modern "re-make" version). I do not swatch. I do trial Sweaters! So, a LOT of work, but fun. And - I realize Im a knitter, NOT a sewing-anything. So this is an old photo.. But, that is until Im done ;-)
PS! Today is summer warm in Sweden. Really crazy to be inside! Also, thanks for all nice comments! I just love to hear from you!

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HPNY Knits said...

sewing to the knitting, that's interesting. its hard to tell from the photo where is is. we'll wait and see-

books- I have too many. most have just a few nice things. but I guess I should look to see them now in the new light.