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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The first Knitting Books have arrived!

Alice Starmore & Anne Matheson's book "Knitting from the British Isle" had some interesting patterns, not so much fair ilse, mostly aran, gurnsey, but some I have had hear a lot a talk about. I fell for "Tree and flower" which sounds like a great Fair-ilse! Simple and straight forward.
Vandyke was a shetland lace who also looked fab. The "Knitting from the Netherlands, Traditional dutch fishermens sweater's" by Henriette can der Klift-Tellegen, was rather interesting, since they all felt like Guernsey variations. I think if you are dutch this must be more meaningful, since it has some great local history and pictures. But ok. Definitely ok. My last in this first batch was Pam Dawson "Traditional Island Knitting", which Had also Guernsey's fair-ilse and some interesting patterns. Many cable, Aran as well, and many looks very time-less in easy patterns. Actually a lot of sweaters I could give for Hubby. All of these were used but in Mint condition. Im still fighting a "under the sleeve join the enterlac" war. I see why people make simpler solutions. Im into a challenge. I have won before. It just takes courage to tweak the square a bit. Yarn on right is for fair-ilse! Yarn on left is just from stash. It is getting warmer. Time to pick up the silk, cotton and linen-yarn....Soon all the new Artic Lace, Victorian Lace, Heirloom Knitting etc will show up... Oh, I love book sprees, but - I do not really need them. Im just a yarn and Knitting-book collector.

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HPNY Knits said...

love the Yorkshire tweed! really nice. books-inspiration, but some frustration- not enough time!