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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yarnshopping in Aachen, Aix la Chapelle, Aken

Amazing feedback. You are soo nice out there. Thank you! The current chill in Sweden is staying. It is on plus, and even the crocus are freezing. The Queen is of course warm - and went with me on the working trip to South-west Germany and Aachen. And, In this flight with MEN in suits (and unfortunately not in trees ;-) and through 2 airports, the Queen really kept me warm. Ok, she is only great outdoors, and not for flight, but I felt Royal anyhow. But, the short spring heat in Germany was gone. they also had a chilly spell, the same as Sweden, with snow-mixed rain! A bit surprising. Anyhow, for once meetings played in my favour so I grabbed a cab to Lindt factory to stock up (Choclate - just the best in Europe ;-) and then to the curiousity of my Taxidriver: AnnaStrasse and Görg und Görg. I tell you that yarnshop is a great secret. Either Aachen people do not knit (enough) or attract knitters (enough), because that yarn-packed store had a LOT of yarn- which is my favourites, that are out! I found Maya from Debbie Bliss (which I think is great!) And I just love this colour. I have absolutely no idea what to use 4 hank to, but Im sure I have some matching yarn in Stash that this can be complemented to into a cardi/jacket/sweater. The Daria Multi Noro (first pic) was just a little X-tra. The colour in that. Yummy! It will be yet another headband (only useful thing I can think of)... But the big buy (for someone who is NOT buying HA!) is to be able to find much of my favourite right now: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply. It is just a great yarn. The new yarn they have is not nearly close to this quality. And Görg & Görg had a lot, so now I have probably for 2 Fairisles ! Anyhow, I plan to use them for the next Tudor Rose Starmore pattern... (and Im NOT going to follow her colourways!) I of course have Henry VIII (in original yarn) also in the plan. Now you colourfreaks, this is NOT MATCHING: It is just some spares in a huge pile. Now I need to get all my yarn out and sort (isn't that just the best) But the idea is: It takes a lot of planning and some guts to dear doing a new colourway. So, After a great knit - dig into an UFO. So I brought down an enterlac... BUT, rushing to Aachen, I realized that was filled with safety pins, and metallic needle, so I had to get another UFO - with wooden needles. It is a green recycled silk-thing. And hey, fast! So I have done half a sweater this week. The think here is not finishing the sweater. I have planned a lot of ruffles and embroydery on it, so even if it is finished it will take some time to really be great. It was not intentional - it was supposed to be a summer sweater. Anyhow, time to prune the apple/pear trees. And - MORE work..Anyhow, I started a FO on the side-bar... but it is only sweaters and not even all. Great to hear from you! And again, thanks for your comments!


villaa ylle said...

Did not know it before but now I know, I want to go to Aachen:) Some kind of Fair Isle is tempting me too. We have sun and warm wheather in Finland today. Monica

Agneta said...

Ok. Märker att du haft en trevlig resa :-)

Zoe said...

Such a busy lady - it makes me feel really lazy. Great yarns. They are so hard to resist, I have the same thing about buying more for the stash. The Queen is coming in very useful for all your trips and keeping you nice and warm. At last we have sun here this morning and it's officially British Summer Time (BST). Last night the clocks went forward by one hour.