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Monday, January 22, 2007

Im Back - It is winter - Im tagged

I came back from Marseille after working maraton (to 3 at night) and 6 hours flight with a rather windy stop at Frankfurt on the way down (half the plane were in prayers). I Knitted of course. The best praying there is.No time for shopping and Knitting, but between Hotel, taxi, food and work I realized that it was 18 C outside - about the same we have indoors. Our host was freezing, with wool sweater and jacket outside. I was in T-shirt. Inside it was 26 and we call it Sauna. I realize Im a true Viking. Coming back the winter had hit Sweden, and this is actually my house (and you can see the balcony were I take a lot of my pictures). I measure this trip in cm (no guys.....) I have now knitted 37 cm on Catherine Parr. another 10, and it is ready to split for front and back (sleeves).I learn the mistakes, to not show every prouch inch of progress. Someone said, (Marika was it?) I have seen you blog so much, it is not NEW. Ok.. I do my best. It is now only a week until 12 sweater KAL has there first Show off. (my reserve quick-knit is the half-sleeve Twisted flaoted shrug (Circular, Vouge) that I only have a half- sleeve to do. And block!.... OK,
I have been tagged by Zoë. After much thinking here it is..

6 things that is weird about Garngamen:

1. I have owned and competed 4 horses (and ponies) for 30 years of my life, (Show-jumping, cross-country, dressage, voltige, etc you name it) when I complety stopped and only been riding like 5 times since then. My horses was the luve of my life for so many years. No, that is just a row of ribbons and medals collecting dust. Is that weird? I have no explanation.

2. I have a ceramic oven and about 300kg of clay in the basement, and honestly - Im better throwing pots on that wheel than on the spinningwheel for sure.

3. I think that mustard looks like excrement from a kids belly, and are appolled by the sight of it, especially on a weiner. Cannot kiss husband if he does not brush his teeth first (and the poor thing loves the stuff!)

4. I have lived in a room 23 years ago at YMCA in New Orleans, who was infested with Coack Roaches (Periplantera Americana, kackerlackor), got so hysteric screaming BUGS that the reception was sure I was on drugs (jepp, just in my night-gown!), when the guard went up with me tio my room, the roaches had hidden from the light under my pillow (in my bags, everywhere). I still cannot stand roaches. Not even on pictures.

5. Im so horrified by the cruely in the world, that I cannot stand imitation killing even in a movie, hate horror stories, and blood and gore. So even small tendencies get my juices cooking. I still close my eyes for bad images.(Other reasons is maybe from realizing that the world is so much harsher than any movie can capture, a too loose boundary between my imagination and my great ability for empathy that gets me carried away).
6. In my family, weird is a positive word, which have over the years put me into a lot of trouble. It is hugely important when you work at a stiff office (Dilbertian) Tele-company to behave¨. Of course few knows the inner me, that rather rock all night to Nina Hagen -Ich bin so heiss, Linkin Park, Stained and Pearl Jam, and dancing like crazy all night to Disco- Staying alive!!!! and Popfrom 60s to 80s...So, occasionally I just can't resist behaving like my idols "Dr Cox, Turkelton, Elliot, JD and the Jan I Tor from Scrubs, or Men Behaving Badly, or Absolutely Faboulus. I tell you, NO-ONE gets it. Im shameless. So cool calm and collected you wouldn't guess unless you pourd some Harvey Bristol Cream into me and dragged me to the Disco (ha!)


Strumpstickan said...

Fina bilder!

HPNY Knits said...

you sound very normal to me. weird is a relative thing is ti not. I also think knitting is a good way to "pray" and or meditate.
the snow looks so fresh and elegant over there!

Zoe said...

Thanks for joining in, you are NOT weird. Very thoughtful answers. We grow mustard in this part of the world. Our county of Norfolk is famous for Colman's Mustard!!!!

Love the snow photos. We had a lttle sleet today but it is not laying yet.

Mary, Mary... said...

Weird, like creepy? Nah. If weird means many facets and hidden parts to your personality, then you're weird as hell! I love Nina Hagen,,Lena Lovich, Chicks on Speed and dancing in discos--something I haven't done in YEARS. I used to sneak off to NYC and go to discos, just to dance alone(in a crowd) for hours. heaven!

Cecilia N said...

Number 6: I think of the tv-commercial about a radio station. The one where a gloomy girl went up and can't get the hang of the day until she switches om the radio.

And then, when ready for work, look very stiff officeish.

Is that you? ;-)

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