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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

12 sweaters in 12 month. I luve Knit-alongs.

This is the time of year to do a Knit along or be a Knit alone. All KALs are found on this page for this year. And, as I discussed the other day, even if I want to knit from my stash, and also want to finish UFO's they all had this rules and confessions etc. Like it would be BAD to buy yarn? That is the best thing there is, why not enjoy every fiber? I just believe people who brag about having none are jealous (they must be! every day I go to my yarn room and get blissed). So, a better motivator for me would be the Sweater A Month KAL. Of course, this does not say you cannot finish UFO's or use your stash, or prevent you from any yarn bargain. So, I have made up my mind. Im IN! IK knitting finally arrived. The KAL for knitting the front page, already shows how someone is finished. That makes me boil. But, they are nice enough, every page was so filled with great sweaters I gasped. Hey, Of course, what a combination of KAL's of sweaters, finishing UFO's and KAL'ing about it. I did not do a good list of what I finished last 2006. I couldn't remember and was too lazy to go through my blog and count. But this year. I will flaunt it. (first pic. is Angora from luxury yarn shelf).
OK Here is the list of planned 12 sweaters.
1. Tudor Roses KAL - Catherine Parr. Ok, will definitely take time. done 20 dm on body, and grows by 1 cm a day at max.
2. Circular nono, I mean Twisted Floated Shrug KAL!, ok. technically it is only one half sleeve and blocking (and a million of threads to fasten). But, then, I have a big belly, so Im going to add short-rows in the front. Definitely a brain-problem there, or is it? Im walking "almost" every day.
3. Hanne Falkenberg KAL Studio 9. I have done one triangle. 99% needs to be done.
4. Green Silk- Definitely the summer knit sweater, started, sleeves done. Simple and nice.
5. Bergå- brown swedish with embroydery and take-away sleeves. Done west, and both sleeves half-way. Now I need to figure out how Im going to attach them, so it is both with, and without sleeves and look great. Then it needs embroydery, and maybe add extra length...own pattern, so nothing is for granted.
6. Of course I will finish a BOHUS this year. The yellow lace-collar. I have just started on the neck, so it is 2 month hard work.
7. Enterlac one (matchmaker merino) that needs a clever solution on last sleeve, since it is uneven and squares do not match!

8. Enterlac Noro- Malabrigo - Working on getting neck ok, then sleeves. but should be for I should be able to do it rather quick.
9. Then I have my Spinning sweater. I spin, and I knit a square, and I attach it.
10.Ohh I almost forgot my Färgkraft Patent (brioche) two-colour on one-thread cardigan (my forever shirt, named after one row (twice) took 40 minutes!). one half front, two sleeves, collar. A month with hard work.
11. Ishager sweater in Östergötland Wool-spinnery yarn. Also a summer month knit. See picture:
12. Definitely finish my TWO but at least one of the machine knitted sweaters, and fix it to a wearable status.
12 (oops) The Noro Shinano-sweater. Sleeves done,. Might rip them when body is done...This is th
e UFO list...
but, I also have a "if time is given" extra list of new stuff: X1: Faroese sweater - have not chosen which. X2: Islandic cardigan. Patter ok, but color? X3. IK Winter is just great. Which.. or is it another Bohus?
I will do my best. I will not promise order. I might do anything inbetween, like the Faroese shawl, like the Birch to my Aunt, like finishing my alpaca Lavian mittens, like a couple of great socks. But, Ill try to be a good girl and do this challenge. That would be fun. AND Im doing Project spectrum KAL 2.0. Í will just GO for it. What a year.At least the following trips are planned: Marseille (France). Korea, London (UK), Montreal (Can), Dusseldorf (Ger), and US.


BertandFelix said...

I love the idea of 12 sweaters in 12 months. I just started the one on the cover of the new IK...AND I just got the yarn (before December 31st) for the Venezia sweater.

I am going to knit from the stash this year too. I have way too much although I have already been tempted but didn't do it.

Oh, I see that you've planned a trip to the US? To Stitches Midwest??? :)

HPNY Knits said...

12 in 12? wow!
hope NYC is on the agenda as well.

Annelie said...

Jag tycker ju att det är lättare att uttrycka mig på svenska fast du har en helengelsk blogg så du får ursäkta.
Wow! Tolv tröjor på tolv månader. Man blir nästan mållös. Jag har själv inte kommit in på tröjstadiet ännu och det lär väl dröja ganska länge tills dess. Inte nog med att de är så tidskrävande i allmänhet (speciellt sådana fantastiska historier som du ger dig på) utan jag har väldigt mycket kvar att sticka innan jag känner mig färdig att gå vidare.
Håller fullständigt med dig angående garninköp/lager. Tyvärr får jag bara så dåligt samvete när jag köper på mig. Nej, det går ingen nöd på familjen men kanske borde jag spara lite mer istället. Du vet, för regniga dagar. Men jag blir ju så glad av garn!

villaa ylle said...

Annelie: Tänk att några blir lycliga av frimärken eller gamla mynt:) Vi har våra garner att njuta av:):)
Sigrid: Angora-garnet har en helt fantastisk färg. 12 tröjor under ett år låter ganska mycket. Dina stickningar är inte de enklaste heller. Ide´n är i alla fall kul.

Mary, Mary... said...

I'm so proud of you, dear dragon, for organizing your cave. Your jewels are very precious indeed. US as in US of A? Where????

Mary, Mary... said...

The Giotto is 50cotton/40rayon/10nylon and knits up on a 8mm needle--definitely a summer yarn. I destashed about 15 skeins and have a bag(8 skeins, 100gm=144m) of it in a gold color waiting for a friend. If she doesn't want it, are you interested?