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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Catherine Parr, SORK and knitconfusion

How nice you all are, I just cannot believe all nice things people tell me on comments. That is encouraging. Anyhow, Here are some raku items I have done in the past. Two tea-pots in the left. What have I been upto? Working, sleeping. And spinning, and really worked through and twined a hank. I have also frogged Catherine Parr with shetland yarn. I just felt the yarn and the needlesize just didn't fit.Went into stash and are now swatching again, a swedish green woolyarn (Kilafors?, or is it Kempe?) well, It is not a super quality yarn, ordinary, ok, nothing wrong with it, even and 1.2kg. But Alice S is really knitting tight. Back to understand the yarn in a swatch - and Im NOT into swatches! And I found, my Gotland Fardhem yarn SORK, which is a thick, very loose spun yarn, on 5mm needles, different grey, that I just had to start (directly from the hank.. yes, it was late, I will do it!)
But what a nice knit. Then I spotted the candy mix of coloured fleece from wåhlstedts, and really thought how to "spiff" it up. I just love to start a sweater, and then design along you knit. You feel what the yarn wants to do with you. But, now I'm in knit confusion. I have too many ongoings, and 4(!) are now waiting for sleeves. It is about time to have a sleeve fall. Or many wests. I will take some pictures on the summers knitprojects this weekend. I must. Here is a reminder of Julia before summer. Ahh, must comment on Swedish Telly, we have Miss Marple (Agatha Christie) that runs on our CH4 from BBC. And it is so great, because this version is just filled with knitting, and nice knits. Great! More knitting and knitted artifacts on TV.


villaa ylle said...

Why dont you start with the sleeves? I often swatch that way. I just check that row-tension is about what I want and that the fabric is about what I want. Then I start knitting the sleeves, either one at a time on dpns or both the same time flat. Then you get the real impression of what you get and can make changes in the front and back if needed. Sure it is less to frog if you end up doing that.
Vilka jättevackra arbeten. Du tycks också ha en stark konstnärlig ådra. Många hälsningar Monica

Mia said...

Va, går miss Marple på fyran? Det har jag missat! När?

Garngamen said...

Well, Monica, I tried the "do the sleeves first". Those are still waiting for completion. I hate sleeves. I try to make them funny so I would fool myself, but, instead nothing happend.They are also on the UFO list. Second reason - I invent pattern. Sleeves are complementary, so they are hard to do first, I seldom use patterns. Thanks for compliments.

Mia dear, yesterday, wednesday Channel 4. Ahh, it is great with many channels - but, as MitzKnitz said on Sticklistan. You lucky americans have a DIY channel.

HPNY Knits said...

I adore Miss Marple!! we had the series here in the beginning of the summer. I love how the first thing she does when she comes to a new place is go to the yarn store!
you frogged all that? wow, a brave woman!!

Garngamen said...

Nono, I didn't frogg JULIA. She is safe. I frogged Catherine PARR. Second time. Now I'm not happy with the yarn.Sorry - Im so confusing. That what I mean. Knitconfusing.

heidi said...

Tråkigt med Catherine Parr, men hellre nu än senare.

Håller med Monica om ärmarna:-)