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Friday, November 17, 2006

Compassion - my favourite word! OT and some Knit

More compassion in the world. More compassion between people! More compassion from me. It is a great word taste it: COMPASSION,
including passion, engagement, love and also the word together. I think comments is a way to show compassion. And I'm always so excited to here from you out there and I try to be good commenting myself! Even if I have realized that my somewhat limitid vocabulary often make me say Wow or fantastic, which are often the true word of all great things made! It is all those small things. Helping in the small.
Anyhow, Vk has not arrived, but hey, they gave me an extension, so now I'm on VK Stockholm hunt (tomorrow!). The week was terrible. No air. Worst Asthma-week for years, ended up in a allergy/histamin "afylactic chock?" so I was totally "breathless" for some hours before my heavier stuff started to work. It really wiped me out. I guess the constant munching of chochlate with hazelnuts traces (the latter Im sensitive too) did the job toghether with the irritating cold.
Anyhow, I missed another Sticka deadline (sigh). My Cerise is now a wrap-around vest, and I have started on the sleeves. First fitting made it obvious it needs a big collar to look nice. Oh, I had a look through my Noro - it is Norovember. And do I have Noro?! Well only some boxes!
Please forgive me. Im human. And I do think the Kureyon looks great in Enterlac. That seems to be something everyone have figured out. It is like a plaige. But I do find Enterlac fun to knit. And now it is finally week-end. How great!

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HPNY Knits said...

sorry to hear about your breathing problems. I had bad asthma all my childhood. it is exhausting.
but the Noro- now there is a happy sight.