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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mother-in-law Sweater from Solveig Hisdahl

So Mother in-law and father-in-law showed up. I have had a loong week. Bad cold, but been to Finland (Jorvas). Not a minute to shop but on the airport. Running nose. Then, just have a look at this isn't she fantastic knitter? This is Solveig Hisdahl "Poetry in Stitches", where she have adjusted a bit, because she is small, very small and skinny (it is the diabetic health regim! and walking for hours. Well, it is HIFA yarn from Britt på nätet. It just looked so fantastic in the crisp fall! She got left-over yarn to do another sweater! (It is green). Anyhow, She modified it as you can see. Especially on the sidepicture, you can see she did it one leaf shorter. So the shoulder is different. Also, she used the different hooks instead of buttons. I think it looks fantastic! And, now I have finished Julia. The sleeves are done (last night) and now I'm doing the last on the collar, which I have reknit- since I think it must be perfect. But having tried it, I just cannot wait to wear it. Wow, I MUST knit a sweater like this. It looks GREAT! And pink- hmm, I'm warming up to Pink.
Hmm, I'm so off the seasons. Now we go into wintertime tonite, and it is freezing outside, so I have spent the day of carrying the geranium (pelargoner) and other summer blooms inside. Hmm. Great, just remember I should walk out and cut the last Dahliablooms.


HPNY Knits said...

wow! that is some sweater! and perfect knitting, and buttons to match!
can't wait to see Julia!

Theresa said...

This is so gorgeous! Wonderful job. Now I wish I had boughten this book before it went out of print!

BertandFelix said...

The sweater is beautiful!! I bought a kit from the book and it is still sitting in my closet. I have to get that out!!

Zoe said...

The pink jacket is sooooooo beautiful. I love the colours.

How cold is it where you are? We are still fairly warm here but with the promis of frosts on Thursday night.

Strumpstickan said...

WoW! Ia m impressed!