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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Workloads - insights

Sorry, Im boring you of the same hanks of spinning, but I read this fantastic book "Merino-wool" from a self-taught spinning-lady in Kiwi-land (N.Z). She really explains the difference of spinning with washed and unwashed wool. That makes it very visible how the wool puffs after washing. Also interesting, that spinning directly from fleece (från tott) will accentuate this unevenness. Anyhow. I'm drowning in workload. Up 6 and finishing work around 9. Going to Vadstena tomorrow. Work around the clock! Need a knitting with no pattern."Brainless-knitting", best for talking and knitting at the same time!


HPNY Knits said...

log cabin squares will do the trick and will shoe your hand-spun very nicely!

heidi said...

Usch för att arbeta så mycket:-(

Jag spinner inte, men tycker att det är jätteintressant att läsa om det. Du får gärna utveckla det lite när du har tid igen.

villaa ylle said...

Eller kanske någon av dina Bohus tröjor är i lämpligt skede, dvs. enfärgat, slätstickat och runt:) Monica

BertandFelix said...

I also work crazy hours. Last week I worked 60 hours and Monday was a holiday. Grrr.

I have a pair of socks for my simple knitting.

I love your spun yarn!! I have toyed with learning to spin but have so much yarn right now that I can't even imagine creating my own. :)