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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gotland Symposium Part 4 (of 4)

The last day had nothing to do with Chicken. But I fell in love with this one, who garded the entrance to Huskroken. Actually, from a distance, it looked real. These intestive great days. I ended up with the imaginative short course "try and test new possibilities" that recycled and cut plastics, made wholes, and knitted attachments (as well as bike-inner tires). Great! But I was at this time exhausted, tired! I just were content. No room for any more impressions. And, I love recycling, but my mind goes to Antiques rather than Ikea, home-made. Im just not into knitting with electrical cable, plastic bags, or any other type you can make into wire. But, Suede got me where it feels warm. Hide, to be cut up and knitted. Hmm. Well, a great course, some lunch and a good discussion with friends.
Dearest C. who nicely enough gave me a ride to Visby. We had a good time, checking out Yllet and the medieval fair. I got a ride and a long chat with my knitting friend H, and hit the sack around 5 in the morning (ferries at night is about as scared I can get, unfortunately have close relations to the Estonia catastrophe). So, now I have been working and I think there will be a lot more travelling - with work. Soon London (ok, no knitting on the plane this time!) Sigh. That is just so hard to understand letting a few yerks rule my world, paranoia is a disease spreading fast. I do not mind to travel, but if I'm unable to knit? I do not know I long I will last. Looking forward to airplane business announcing -
Here it is ok to knit with wooden needles. ok. I give you a small picture on my shoe. It is filled with yarn of course. As my life. And lately my dreams. Yarn do fill up. Tangles life. Give me hope. I will need that when I do sense hostility is starting to grow in the world. I always wonder if we WANT to misunderstand each other, or if are making an effort to see we are all humans as incomplete as we are.


Mitz said...

Thanks for your report from Gotland. I wish I had been there I realy miss coming together and knit for days.

Cecilia N said...

Färja till London? Gott om sticktid...
Och ville du inte åka båt om nätterna så får du väl ta tåget ner till Europa.
(Går färjorna mellan Dover ch Calais fortfarande, eller är det bara tågtunnel nuförtiden?)