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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

OS closing in - and desperate

Wow, no really the count down have begun. I'm now 3 days behind schedule. I need heroic knitting time to make it. And it is just too big and heavy to carry with me to work or anywear. So, I'm just knitting the last front, having still not decided for buttons, nothing (belt) or any other interesting joining. It really makes me about double weight or I have been blind tomyself (very probable). It is just a bit to narrow so my behind magically becomes what we in sweden name "a barn door" or, deperately thinking of the famous very dead artist Anders Zorn who called this dames "Kulla". Curvy, I tell you. But colourful and intense. And fun, you are all sure to get a laugh on Sunday. So what time is the deadline? I will take a picture outside on the day, because my flash is probably not ok inhouse. So, still 2 arms to go, and a brim, and a collar, and two pockets, and maybe a belt... Will I make it? No sleep from Friday! Picture? The new Noro Aurorayarn that was a quickyproject, a one day scarf.


BertandFelix said...

LOL! I feel the same way and I didn't offically join the Knitting Olympics. I have a baby blanket that I have been trying to complete by the time the Olympics are over.

You can do it!!

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, these colors are so amazing! I'm sure you'll be able to finish it till the set date, and you'll even get some sleeping time in between!
Best wishes from Austria!

Garngamen said...

Wow, Thanks to both of you! REALLY! who gives up? I have started on the sleeves now, and My flu is just exploding again. Realized I cannot find my 7mm circular 40cm long, so now Im in trouble again. It is harder to knit a sleeve with a 80cm long needle... well, thanks for the encouragement. Anyway, time to blow my nose again, and get back to to the tickety tickety.... to a Golden Swedish OS day! Go Anja!

Anonymous said...

Keep on knitting, I think you make it :-)
Will I see you at Syfestivalen? Hope so
/ Regards Johanna